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Gucci Paravanda Collection: Available in March

I have always thought that Frida Giannini carries herself with incredible panache and style, so I was happy to hear that, in celebrating of Gucci's Paragon flagship store that opened last week, the Singapore Tourism Board, in association with the Singapore Botanic Gardens, has bestowed upon the brand's creative director the "Paravanda Frida" orchid. Never one to rest of her laurels, however, Giannini has, in return, designed a special collection of exclusive items with 100% of proceeds benefitting the Mainly I Love Kids (MILK) charity inspired by said flower.

Available in March, the collection, available only in Singapore (sorry folks!) comprises a special Boston bag (of which 78 were made at approximately $903 US dollars) in white GG coated canvas featuring a hand painted version of the Paravanda Frida motif with the iconic Gucci web in pink and white and Gucci logo (meanwhile, 10 were made of a version with white crocodile handles); a wristlet in white GG coated canvas featuring a hand painted version of the Paravanda Frida motif and a cotton T-shirt featuring the Paravanda Frida motif styled in gray for men and white for women. The Boston bag is a classic Gucci shape--their equivalent to Louis Vuitton's Speedy, you could say--and the one bag that's been reinterpreted in countless versions and for a host of special occasions. All the bags in the special edition series have unique serial numbers embossed inside. 

Gucci handbags are also available below:

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For sophistication and timeless elegance, Gucci handbags should be one of your go-to brands. Their designs are usually plain and simple, but such refinement is simply what makes each of their designs classic, sophisticated and elegant. Whether in the classic woven design or not, their creations still manage to show such appeals; and such is the case of this Gucci bags.

This tote is not like any other Gucci bags designs. It is very plain and it is not made from any luxurious materials, but rather, it is designed only from brown leather. brown leather nickel hardware double handles side snaps identification tag bottom feet three compartments with center zip-top closure inside zip, mobile phone, and pda pockets 42 x 14 x 41 cm.This already completes the entirety of this tote, making it simple but definitely lasting.

Aside from that, this Gucci handbags also looks quite large for your daily essentials and more. It has an open top so as to let you maximize the use of its space. The top handles with silver ring attachments also have enough drop measurement for easy carrying.

And since this Gucci purses is not made from brown leather, it retails a lot cheaper than their usual bag creations. Purchase this bag for $1840 through Neiman Marcus.

Cheap Handbags: Kim Kardashian Outs Air Marshall, Endangers Flight?

When it comes to Twitter, Kim Kardashian can't help herself.

On a Tuesday night flight from NYC to L.A., the reality star Tweeted about her seat companion: a U.S. air marshal.

"I'm on the wifi," Kardashian, 29, wrote. "I am sitting next to an Air Marshall! Jim the air marshall makes me feel safe!"

Not all of her 3 million-plus Twitter followers were pleased: Air Marshals are intended to remain anonymous in order to ensure the safety of passengers.

"lmao poor Jim the air marshall is going to get fired thanks to you hahahaha," one follower said. Added another: "if he exposed to you that he WAS an air marshall...I would say that was priviledged info that only the crew was suppose[d] to know"

"just don't tweet stuff like that!" one fan begged. "u know better.dear lord u just dont talk abt air marshall's on flights! Its on the DL Kim!!"

"RELAX I just told u guys the Air Marshall is sitting next to me, highly doubt anyone is twittering like me on this flight! shhh," Kardashian tweeted to defend herself.

"Air Marshall's are supposed to keep their identity concealed," she added. "He did! I am just a private eye & assumed, so I asked him & he was honest!"

Her final Tweet of the evening: "OK I hope I don't get in trouble...logging off now! xo."

Afterwards, another follower sniffed: "Doubt he really was an Air Marshall, she was probably just dumb enough to believe him."

(source: UsMagazine)

SHOCKER: Jersey Shore's JWoww and Snooki Are Not Italian

So much for being "guidette" princesses.

Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley, 23, admitted to Fox Strategy Room Tuesday that she and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi aren't even Italian!

J-Woww says she's Spanish and Irish, while Snooki, 21, is Chilean.

The MTV reality show was slammed by Italian-American groups for perpetuating "negative stereotypes," UNICO National President Andre DiMino told Fox last year.

"If you replace Italian-Americans with any other ethnic group, would they use such a pejorative term to promote the show?" he fumed.

JWoww also shattered another Jersey Shore myth: The girls don't believe in GTL! (Which stands for gym, tan, laundry, the schedule made famous by co-star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.)

Instead, they follow a SSC routine: sleeping, shopping and clubbing.
(source: UsMagazine) 

Kim Kardashian: Reggie and I Had "Special" Vegas Valentine's Day

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett weren't the only star couple in Sin City for the Valentine's Day weekend: their triumphant Super Bowl rivals Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush celebrated the holiday in Las Vegas, too!

"For the last three years we've spent Valentine's Day in a different city," Kardashian, 29, told UsMagazine at Lavo in Las Vegas on Saturday. "We were just laughing, [sister] Khloe last year [had] an anti-Valentine's Day party -- so much has changed!" (Khloe, of course, is now married to Lamar Odom.)

"You can be anywhere as long as you're with the person you love," Kardashian explained.

What about a proper couple's vacation? "We just really want to get away. We're exhausted right now. We haven't figured out where yet but we always like something different." And though Kardashian had Tweeted about a "tropical getaway" after Bush's big win, she said Saturday that they may flee to "both" hot and cold climes.

As for those persistent marriage rumors: "I actually really just want to take my time. We're in a really good relationship. We're in a good space," she said.

Following her Vegas weekend, Kardashian returned to New York to launch her new fragrance. "It was just special being together," she told Us Monday at a Sephora store in Manhattan.

"We had a really relaxing -- eating, shopping, just hanging out -- kind of Valentine's Day," she said.
 (source: UsMagazine)

Suri Cruise Totes an $850 Handbag!

Suri Cruise has expensive taste!

The 3-year-old donned an $850 Salvatore Ferragamo "Sofia" handbag while boarding a helicopter with her parents in Jamaica Feb. 5.
The accessory is a mini version of mom Katie Holmes' $1,850 "Sofia" purse, which she also carried on the trip.

This isn't the first time the mother-daughter duo have matched.

In January, they donned identical bright red baby doll dresses -- from the actress' own line, Holmes & Yang! -- while visiting a Los Angeles dance studio.

Tom Cruise, 47, has said "Suri's very much like her mother.

"She will not wear trousers, only dresses. I put a pair of trousers on her and turn and leave the room and straight away the trousers are off and a dress is on instead!" he added.

"The other day, Kate showed her some gold-colored sneakers thinking she might like to wear them, and she looked at them and said, 'Oh mommy, these are lovely, but they're boy shoes,'" Cruise went on. “She's sweet, but she's very strong-willed -- just like her mother."
 (source: UsMagazine)

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Gucci Handbags


For Spring Summer 2010 Frida Giannini presents The New Bamboo, a 21st century reinterpretation of one of Gucci’s most iconic handbag designs. In reinventing this House classic, Giannini blends tradition with high-tech innovation, and history with high-fashion.

The original Gucci Bamboo bag was a small constructed handbag crafted in pigskin with a curved bamboo handle. First created in 1947, the design became an iconic example of Gucci’s craftsmen. Throughout the 1950s and 60s, the Gucci Bamboo bag was worn by countless international celebrities, sealing its future fate as one of Gucci’s most beloved and successful handbag creations.

The bag has now been proposed both in its historical shape as well as in a new, larger scale. For the first time, nickel has been introduced as the hardware for the bag, giving it a cooler touch. Like the original, the bag has a long leather strap to complement the bamboo handle, but it has now been augmented with a second strap of draped metal chain with a braided base, which adds a sexier touch. Also new are the bamboo fringe tassels.

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Buy Handbags Online: Cheap Handbags, Discount Handbags

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launch of Gretchen

Spring/Summer 2009 marks the United States launch of Gretchen, the innovative European handbag and leather collection quickly gaining international popularity. For designer Anne Hofmann, leatherwork is over a century old family tradition and Gretchen, launched in 2006, a subsequent step.  
Stylistically influenced by the modernist Bauhaus movement, Gretchen handbags, gloves and belts are a unique blend of artistic design and sensible utility. Using simple geometric shapes in hues of natural, black, cognac, violets, and greens, Gretchen incorporates complementary elements of weaving, piping and quilting into soft luxurious leathers. Each piece is meticulously crafted for superior form and function.

Standout pieces include the effortless “Opera” hobo bags; the lavender half-moon-shaped clutch in quilted napa leather; the “Actress” bag, a large square tote with patent leather paneling and fingerless motorcycle gloves in purple with green stitching and buckle detail. The collection retails from $150-$630.

Gretchen has been featured in over 80 publications including Vogue Germany, InStyle Germany, and Elle Germany.


The Classic Handbag

With each year comes a new must-have handbag seen first on the arms of celebrities and everybody who’s anybody, trickling down into the most fashionable arenas, soon hitting the trendistas (the aspiring fashionistas that only catch on to the latest look once everyone else is already wearing it thus just missing truly fashionable status) until eventually you know the trend is dead when wealthy soccer moms in tracksuits are carrying it into PTA meetings. We are a fashion obsessed culture, seduced by a society that flashes trends before us and throws them away so fast it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Just as you’re getting used to the way your perfect new bag sits on your shoulders, right when you found the perfect shoes to match, you see its twin pass by forlornly coupled with a lycra jogging suit and you realize that your time together has come to an end.
As the designers compete to create the bag that will become the newest craze of the year, we tend to forget that some of the best things in fashion, like the color black or a Chanel suit, are classic. Some of the most cherished and exquisite handbags are vintage, having stood up to the test of time and their design is as stylish and chic today as ever. Certain designers have remained committed to creating handbags that emulate the sophistication and class associated with their label, not just according to what’s in vogue that season, but what will represent them throughout the years. And when you’re spending that much money on a bag, isn’t that what you really want? So while your fabulous bag du jour is collecting dust in the back of your closet after only a few turns around the block, rest assured that your still stylish classic will be ready to make an appearance time and time again. (